Kadidjiny Park

Client – City of Melville
Design – Ecoscape
Value- PART 1 $900,000 (Playspace)
PART 2 $2,285,000 (Parkland)
Completed : Commenced February 2010 – Completed  November 2010

Whilst 2 separate contracts, works commenced on Parkland project during the construction of Playspace as both were located on the same site. This caused integration issues that were handled well by Earthcare.  The project is similar in size to the Corimbia Estate project. The site had many large existing trees, the main design intent was to keep and enhance the use of the trees within the project. So the amphitheatre now has towering Eucalyptus trees providing shade and amenity to the users and other major trees are used for shading and enjoyment by picnickers.

Earthcare’s experience in playground design and construction allowed for minor changes that improved the overall project.  Earthcare has a long term and high productive working relationship with the City of Melville so whilst the Parklands project was fast tracked; the end result exceeded the client’s expectations. All existing trees were kept protected and none were damaged during construction. Earthcare undertook recycling of all waste generated – so plastics, timber, steel and concrete was separated and sent off for recycling.

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