About Earthcare

Earthcare seeks to provide opportunities for our clients to engage, enable and inspire their communities towards self reliance and stewardship.  We think Sustainability is not a hackney concept but the basis on how we work and think.  We focus on the unique attributes of each site, each place and assist our clients in highlighting these distinctions in both marketing and development direction.

Earthcare seeks clients who see value in being first – early adopters of new ideas in residential development and who understand a holistic model of community development. We believe this approach to innovation provides our clients with greater cost effectiveness, improved outcomes and new project opportunities.

We can also transcend the everyday to help develop policy and system direction that will help our clients drive change throughout all their projects, based of course on real projects and initiatives.  For client’s,  ideas and innovation needs to be replicable.   Earthcare has for over 20 years been focused on the art of what is possible in community and sustainable development and we continue to seek new solutions to new problems. Because we have a construction arm, activities and events can be seamlessly integrated within the development.