Faulkner Park Playground

Client – City of Belmont
Design – Blackwell & Associates
Value $900,000 – 2005
Completed : September 2001
Project was located within an existing reserve located opposite regional aquatic centre. The project entailed working within existing trees and previous constructed walls and features.

Work included:

Substantive earthworks and level changes were required. Dust and noise was a feature due to closeness to both housing and other businesses. EarthCare took a lead role in both the construction process and issues such as playground standards and safety.  This project is one of Perth’s largest and most popular playgrounds. EarthCare took the initiative of substituting the proposed ‘off the shelf’ furniture with artist bespoke timber furniture design and built by local artist with timber sourced from local Swan Valley. This was undertake at no cost or time variation to the client. Traffic management was required due to part use of council car park and heavy use of area by other visitors. External parties to manage included – Public Artists.

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