Bremer Bay Civic and Skate Park.

Bremer Bay Civic and Skate Park.

Earthcare Landscapes was awarded the construction of the $1.7M Bremer Bay Civic Square Park and Skate Park project in August 2017.Located in a new part of the town that will house the future town administration and commercial projects, the project was the result of a dedicated local community keen to see more attractions and options for their youth and to assist with the large summer population the town experiences in the Christmas holiday period.

Initial design workwas by UDLA and after a client request for more local materials (the large variety rocks and plants in the area) to be used and with the generous donation of local materials including old sheep timber fencing and CBH silo timber, the project received a significant redesign with assistance from Tinka Sack Landscape Architects.

Nathan McQuoid, a renown Bremer Bay based Landscape Ecologist assistedEarthcare with the plant selection and design and worked alongside the local Bremer Bay school children to grow local plant species at the school. The children will also be planting these within the park to help develop a sense of ownership Earthcare strives to achieve in their projects.

The skate park was designed by Enlocus and is built by Earthcare using highlyregarded local (Albany) contractors. Significantly the local approach has been enhanced by the large number of works including timber structures, furniture, earthworks and lighting being completed by Bremer Bay contractors, with a high remainder of the works carried out by Albany based contractors.

Opened on 22nd September 2018 just in time for the school holidays. Check out the documentary on the making of the Bremer Bay Civic Square and Skate Park.