Princess Margaret Hospital

Client: Princess Margaret Hospital
Value: $300,000 – includes design fees.
Design: Louisa Barnacle – Earthcare
Natural Play Environments: Bernand  Kaiser
Completed: September 2010

Brief :To design and build an outdoor environment for children with cancer who can both interact with the garden and view from their windows. To transform a sterile (include some before shots), harsh environment, into a welcoming and peaceful space for children to spend time with their families and with each other.  2 separate areas were needed – one for the children under 7 – the fairy garden and one for the adolescent children. This project incorporated bespoked musical instruments complete with lighting and sounds. There were various seating nooks and coves were designed to create privacy for the children and their families. The creation of both areas of contemplation and engagement of the children through visual, sound and physical (via music) were key considerations the design team Louisa Barnacle and Bernard Kaiser were asked to consider. The lack of sunlight created soft landscape challenges.When opened the head of Health in WA said that in all his travels throughout the world he had not seen such a landscape designed area for children that works so well.

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