Stevens St development wins two awards

This exciting Earthcare Development has been awarded the Sustainable Architectural Award and the Multiple Residential Award in the WA Chapter of Australian Institute of Architects 2012 Award

Jury priase for 58 Stevens St.

Multiple Residential
“The jury found this project to be well considered in all its facets, carefully addressing context, siting, orientation, materiality, formal resolution, planning and spatial configuration with apparent ease, economy and conviction.

The design of this group of modest houses strives for excellence in environmentally sustainable practices without compromising architectural resolution. These two considerations are brought together by Officer Woods in simple, effective ways resulting in delightful spaces and well resolved detailing.

This four dwelling development is an outstanding example of how a significant increase in density can be achieved on a relatively tight sub-urban site without compromise on architectural and environmental considerations.”

Sustainable Architectural Award
“58 Stevens Street Fremantle brings design excellence and sustainable architecture together in a cohesive and seamless demonstration of environmental, social and technological innovation. Rigorous passive and environmental design initiatives provide an integrated platform for future adaptability and flexibility in a powerful demonstration of sustainable design excellence.”

Review the Stevens Street Case Study

Recognition in the West Australian newspaper